Ways to Give

Levels of Giving

Every Gift Matters! Your gift, no matter the size, is important to us. Please make your gift based on what is most meaningful to you and be sure to discuss your wishes with your family! You are invited you to join our Lungevity Giving Circle.

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To Honor or Remember

Our Commemorative Giving Program is all about honouring people. It is an excellent way to express sentiments to family, friends, neighbours, and business associates for events such as births, anniversaries, special achievements and in memory of someone dear to you. Tribute gifts not only honour the special people in our lives but also give hope to our Saskatchewan residents affected by lung disease. The person that you honour is sent a personalized card and you receive an acknowledgement letter.

To make your commemorative donation:

► Donate by using our printable gift form
► By phone at 1-833-385-LUNG (5864) during regular office hours
► In person by visiting our office:

2308 Arlington Ave 
Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L3 

Gifts of Cash, Stocks and Securities

Cash or similar assets such as investment certificates, stocks, bonds or mutual funds are easy to give. You receive a receipt for the full amount and the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work immediately.

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Leave a Legacy

legacy gifts

Thank you for your interest in The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan. A legacy gift is a wonderful way to leave a better world for our children and our children’s children. We hope this helpful information provides food for thought as you reflect on your wishes and estate planning requirements.

There are many options on how to make a legacy gift. You may, for example, want The Lung Foundation to receive all, or a portion of whatever remains from your estate after debts, taxes, administrative expenses and specific bequests have been paid. Alternately you may wish The Lung Foundation to receive all or a share of the estate only in the event that other beneficiaries have passed away by the time your will is read.  

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Gifts in Kind - Personal Possessions

personal possessionMany people have valuable personal possessions such as cars, works of art, antiques, jewellery and other precious objects, stamp or coin collections, royalties and copyrights and so on. Such gifts in kind make a valuable contribution to the work of The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan. You will receive a receipt for taxation purposes, for the established fair market value of the property and the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan will handle the sale of the property, if applicable. You will also see your gift going to work in the community in the near future. Please note that independent appraisal is required to establish fair market value for items to be gifted in kind.

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