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Since 1911, when the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League was established to manage the tuberculosis epidemic, we have been dedicated to the lung health of the men, women, and children in our province and that commitment remains the same today. Ensuring that we are fiscally responsible to meet the emerging lung health needs of our residents today, tomorrow, and for the generations that follow was a legacy that began with our founders and the establishment of an endowment fund.

Prior to 2002 Lung Saskatchewan managed the endowment fund. In 2002 Lung Saskatchewan decided to make some major changes in order to create an organizational structure that would be better positioned to fulfill the mission of improving respiratory health in our province. The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan was created to steward the endowment fund while Lung Saskatchewan carried on the programs and initiatives of the former Saskatchewan Lung Association.

The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan is mandated with the specific focus of collecting and managing an endowment fund to ensure long-term funding for lung health activities in our home province.

The focus of Lung Saskatchewan is the development and delivery of lung health programs, education, research support, advocacy and general awareness of lung health issues - all of which are supported by fund raising campaigns.

Learn more about the history of Lung Saskatchewan and over 100 years of Canadian and world firsts.

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