Gifts of Cash, Stocks and Securities

Cash or similar assets such as investment certificates, stocks, bonds or mutual funds are easy to give. You receive a receipt for the full amount and the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work immediately.

A gift of securities to The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan delivers the best return on your donation you can get! Your tax savings can be substantial, there is no minimum gift amount and the gift transfer process is easy.

When donating appreciated capital assets to The Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan, you have two choices. You may sell the securities, donate the proceeds, and pay tax on the capital gain from the sale. Or, by donating the securities directly to The Lung Foundation, your tax savings will be far more substantial than if you sell the securities and donate the proceeds. Once again, we recommend that you consult with a qualified financial adviser before deciding on the best option for you.

To make a gift of securities, simply fill out a Securities Transfer Form and take it to your advisor - we’ll do the rest! You can direct the net proceeds of your gift of securities to an area of care that is meaningful to you, or to the area of greatest need.

Your advisor may direct inquiries to RBC Direct Investing Inc.

Whatever form of planned giving is most appropriate to your own circumstances, each gift assists the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan's long-range financial planning. Your planned gift will guarantee that we will always have the resources to speak out for the silenced and the defenceless.






Your advisor may direct inquiries to RBC Direct Investing Inc.

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