Residual Interest or Charitable Remainder Trusts

Gifts in the Form of Residual Interest

In some cases you may have a property for which you wish to retain ownership and use of during your life but for which you wish to have the value included in your estate thereby allowing it to be considered in the residual interest that will transfer to the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan. You retain use of your property for life, or a term of years, and you may have significant tax benefits.

A Charitable Remainder Trust

Through a charitable remainder trust, the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan receives a future gift of the principal donation. You, or someone designated by you, receives the net income from the trust for life, or for an agreed number of years. You may receive some tax benefits and the property held in trust is not subject to probate. A charitable remainder trust gift can be structured by your financial advisor or a representative of the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan.


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