Gifts of Real Estate

Private property such as your home, vacation property or commercial buildings and land are all excellent charitable gifts. The property can be gifted directly or it can be sold and all or part of the proceeds donated to the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan. You receive a gift receipt for the fair market value of the property, which may reduce the tax payable on any capital gains.

Alternately, you can make arrangements for a “Deferred Transfer” of a property you own and make a gift of that property to the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan, but retain possession and enjoyment of that property for the rest of your life (referred to as a Gift of Residual Interest). You can do this by irrevocably assigning the ownership to the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan and thereby receiving the tax advantage. When you pass on, the property goes to the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan just as you intended. It can then be sold and the proceeds will be used to support important work in the community.


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